Carol Christie, a self-taught artist, was encouraged in her creative impulses by lack of entertainment and remote living in her early years. Her parents moved to Alaska when she was 5, living in tents and log cabins for several years, where she developed a love of nature, large open spaces and down to earth living, which you will see in her many expressive paintings.

Though her life has taken many turns and art was not always in the forefront, it has always held a place in her heart, waiting for the day when she would be able to devote her time fully to the field. Now, after being away for many years, she has returned to Alaska to continue developing her career as an artist. Settling in the town of Homer, where the arts are encouraged and prevalent, gives her the desired and beneficial environment for her creative endeavors.

A former member of the Clearwater Artist's League in Florida and a current member of the Homer Council on the Arts, Carol has entered her works in a number of group exhibits, a few solo shows and competitions.

Over the years, many of her watercolor and pastel paintings have found their way into private and public collections across the U.S.  Her art includes a variety of genre and media: landscapes, seascapes, architecture, portaiture, figurative works and fantasy art, in pastels, oil pastels, watercolor, oils and acrylics.