My love of color and artistic expression began with my first boxes of crayons and paints. My mother encouraged me to stay busy with creative activities at a young age which helped develop my desire to draw and paint.

When I decided to follow my dream of becoming an artist, I spent many hours in libraries, looking up other artists' work. I found a few modern artists that I especially loved and wanted to emulate, though I regret to say I cannot give all of them credit because I do not remember the names. But I remember their style & what attracted me about their art, which I try to incorporate in my own. And if I do find their work again, I'll be able to give them credit.

The art of the French Impressionists is something I especially enjoy, with their bright colors and variety of styles. I have also been encouraged and influenced by Nick Bot, a modern Canadian landscape artist, whose bold color & simplified lines intrigue me.

My struggle as an artist has been to enjoy painting while at that same time communicating something understandable to others. Though I started with realistic art, I do not like to stay strictly with a realistic approach, as I feel it stifles me. So I have been developing my creative approach to realistic subjects, hoping people will feel some of the freedom and joy I feel in creating it. I also do purely fantasy art creations at times because I feel it “loosens” me up as an artist, and is so much fun to do.

“A civilization is only as great as its dreams, and its dreams are dreamed by Artists.” - LRH